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Charles River
1407 George Road
Ashland, OH 44805
United States of America

Ashand Rotarians,

Reminder we are meeting September 27 (as opposed to this Tuesday the 20th) to tour Charles River. Please arrive early so we can start right at 12:00.

Charles River requires we know how many are coming.

Please see the email below and attachments.

They ask we carpool if possible. Please read and follow the instructions below.

Again, please RSVP by Sunday the 25th. We will have boxed lunches provided by The Greens Bistro. 

This email is to confirm your tour of Charles River on Tuesday, 27Sep2022.  Please plan on arriving a little early to allow for parking and getting the group escorted to the room so the tour can start on time.   Due to limited parking, we do ask that you carpool if possible.   I have attached an illustration of the parking area.   Once you arrive at the gate, push the intercom and state your name, purpose of visit and contact person (me).  Security will open the gate and you will turn left onto the second driveway between two low brick walls with the signage  “Charles River”.  If there are no parking spots available here, you will also see a bigger parking space (also on the left) in which you can park, alternatively.  Please note that we are in the midst of construction and things may  “evolve” with parking.    Your goal is to get to the second building (Building B, the largest building on site). Once you park, enter the door to the reception area that is  located in front of that large building.   Below are a few extra security/safety measures to pass along to the group.

  1. Cell phones will not be permitted on the tour (no exceptions).  The guests may either leave them in their cars or the cell phones will need to remain in the Training Room (the room which will be used for the opening presentation).  Other personal items may also remain in the Training Room (purses, coats, etc.).

  2. To protect our environment, visitors should not handle pets or livestock immediately before coming onto the property and should not wear clothing into the building that has been in contact with any of these animals (including shoes or boots worn in barns). 

  3. Visitors should wear closed toed shoes.

  4. Food, drinks, chewing gum and application of cosmetics (including Chap Stick) are not permitted in the Vivarium (where the actual tour will take place).  Again, any food item, etc. must remain in the Training Room.

  5. This is a walking tour.  Anyone on crutches will not be permitted in the Vivarium due to safety issues.  If I know in advance, I can make arrangements for a wheelchair to be available.

  6. Visitors need to be informed that they will be walking through the Vivarium (an area that houses animals).  Anyone with animal allergies will need to be aware of this.

You will be eating lunch during the opening presentation for which we have allocated approximately 20 minutes.   Following the presentation/lunch, you will  don lab coats/booties/safety glasses and be divided into 2 groups. A tour guide will lead each group through the facility.  I have attached a brief description of the labs here at CRL (you will not be visiting all of the departments listed due to time constraints). I have also attached the internal memo for you to see the labs that you will be visiting.  Following the tour, you may reconvene in the Training Room to remove your lab coats/booties/safety glasses, gather personal items and then depart.

I think that’s it.  Please confirm the number of people in your group and let me know if you have further questions.  We look forward to hosting your group!

Best regards,


Carol Kopp, BS, LAT, Fetal Morphologist, MRSB

Assessor IRFM, Global Fetal Morphology Leader

Sr. Scientific Associate | Charles River

1407 George Road, Ashland, OH 44805

P: +1 419-282-6864 | F: +1 419-289-8700