Leadership Ashland Class Project

It takes a collaborative effort to turn dreaming a reality. With the help of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Ashland we know we can accomplish our mission! 

Leadership Ashland Class Project 2024

March 1, 2024

Leadership Ashland is the county’s premier community leadership development program. The goal is to empower leaders in Ashland County to recognize their capacity to lead professionally and to work to make Ashland County the best it can be. Each year the new class is asked to come together to identify a need in Ashland County where meaningful change can happen. 

This letter and fundraising request outlines our project’s need and scope. We need the community’s support to make this a successful project for our county’s benefit. 

What is one of the BEST resources in Ashland County? Our county Park system! With 20 parks across Ashland County each park is truly a gem. These 20 parks are staffed with only 4 people, and they make sure that they are safe, free of debris and are there for your enjoyment throughout every day of the year. Our class determined that we can be helpful in launching a project that has been on the strategic plan of the Park District office, but they have not had the resources to move it off of the plan and into reality. 

Park staff and Emergency Responders agree that the trails need to be marked so that in emergencies, First Responders can respond quickly and accurately. This is where LA class of 2024 is here to help. We have a full business plan to support the execution of Trail Marking from planning the scope, supplies, equipment, ongoing maintenance and finding other compatible resources for initial project completion and ongoing Trail Marking. The park with the highest need is Freer Field as identified by Park District staff. This park has the most visitors and has the highest need. The Leadership Ashland Class of 2024 is committed finish the Freer Field trail project by June 30, 2024.

This project has a long life - it is not a one and done. 

Your support provides the Park District the resources it needs to make all of our trails safe and identifiable for years to come. The estimated cost of this project is $15,500. Please see the Sponsorship/Donation side of this letter donation information. 

Below is a full class listing. These are leaders in your community who are passionately committed to making Ashland a thriving place to live work and play. We appreciate your consideration in supporting this project. 

Ashland Leadership Class 2024

Alyssa McQuate, Amy Schroeder, Dr. Bri Buckley, Chad Booth, Chad Buzzard, Chloey Gentry, Christy Grundy, Courtney Farver, Crystal Shaffer, Don Harris, Erica Figley, George Hitchcock, Greer Wagner, Hunter Sundberg, Ian Robinson, Jamie Pelfrey, Jen Daniel, Jenna Gerwig, Jennifer Abbruzzese, Kristin Horst, Kyleah Galbraith, Lindsey Hoover, Stacy Schiemann, Tony Van Duyn

Please download flyer or go here and indicate your level of support in the "comment" box.  Thank You!